Short links for December 5th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on December 5th, 2007:

  • Gibson Robot Guitar – The guitar is tuned by tiny servo motors that tune all strings in no more than five seconds.
Gibson Robot Guitar
Gibson Robot Guitar

How to use a wristwatch as a compass

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Wired How To’s shows you how to use a wristwatch as a compass.

From the wiki entry:

Hold a watch with 12 o’clock at left.
Move your arm so the hour hand points at the sun.
The spot halfway between the hour hand and the 12 is south.

Wristwatch compass illustration

Good tip for when your GPS device is out of batteries!

Make user tramm_hudson lists a few caveats:

  • Doesn’t work with 24-hour analog dials
  • Doesn’t work in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Doesn’t work at night
  • Works best around noon
  • Varies slightly depending on time of sunset/sunrise
  • Need to add an hour with daylight savings time

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Short links for August 14th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 14th, 2007:


Nerd Watch Museum

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The Nerd Watch Museum has hundreds of nerdy watch models.

Since your hosts are of the LCD generation, rather than LED, liquid crystal display models have been the focus of our collecting. Many LCD timepieces played an important role in the evolution of digital wristwear, and we are striving to present as many as possible in our virtual museum.

Nerd Watch Museum

I’ve been watch-less for about 7 years now. My last watch was a Fossil pocket watch my wife (to be at the time) got me for my birthday, but I have to admit I owned (and wore) a bunch of these geeky nerd watches in my teens as well.

I can’t remember the exact models but they resemble the Casio AE-11, Casio CA-951 and a slim girly-type watch which I couldn’t find in the Nerd Watch Museum.

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Solid Wood 1900 Pocket Watch

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Check out this Russian pocket watch from the early 1900’s, made from solid wood.

Solid Wood Pocket Watch
Probably not very water resistant…

From the Watchismo Times:

Take a break from the complicated world of mechanical innovation for a few seconds… The orgy of Tourbillons, Forged Carbon, and Silicium Components can fade for a moment while you appreciate this early 1900 Russian pocket watch entirely made of wood. The case, the hands, and the gears, all from a tree – a living material that also marks time with it’s rings – natures own clock and a profound medium for a watch.

Pretty impressive!


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