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BBC iPlayer Beta – a first look

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Mashable takes a look at BBC’s iPlayer (formerly known as iMP -Integrated Media Player or Interactive Media Player- and MyBBCPlayer), the new Windows-only P2P TV service.

It seems many Brits aren’t too happy the requirements to watch TV shows on iPlayer: Windows XP, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and approve more than one security update (or rather DRM) before you can even get started.

BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer – view the last 7 days of BBC Television

Pete Cashmore writes:

The download is fairly small (around 4 megs), but you’ll have to spend at least 5-10 minutes clicking through these various “security checks”. After the license acquisition fails (and it will), you can then optionally set up a PIN to stop your kids getting to the content rated “Guidance”. Watch out: it will also try to suck up resources by launching at Windows startup if you don’t uncheck a box in the settings. Also remember to run the ActiveX control or nothing will happen: this is non-obvious. The last step is to register a account if you don’t already have one. Total time spent on installation: 20 mins.

Read more on Mashable.

Windows Tip: Copy error messages text to the clipboard

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Do you ever Google for error messages shown in Windows error message boxes? Then you probably know you usually get the best results when typing as much of the exact error message as possbile.

Now instead of (making a screenshot of the error message and) typing it in your favorite search engine manually, you can also just copy the whole contents of the message box to your clipboard by simple using Windows’ Ctrl-C copy function.

Windows Error Message: Just copy, paste!
Windows Error Message: Just copy, paste!

From Lifehacker:

Apparently since Windows 2000, you’ve been able to copy the entire error message to your clipboard by hitting the universal copy shortcut, Ctrl-C (who knew?!). That means the whole process of hunting down obscure error messages—especially those containing cryptic error codes—just got a whole lot easier.

And if you use Firefox, you can combine this tip with the paste multiple lines to input boxes setting!

Yep, you can learn new handy Windows features every day! (Apparently the message box copy/paste doesn’t work in Vista…)