The Loop Loft launches Memorial Day Sale

The Loop Loft Memorial Day Sale

The Loop Loft has announced a Memorial Day Sale, offering 35% off its products.

Don’t Hesitate – Sale Ends Tuesday May 31st at 12:00pm EST

To celebrate the Memorial Holiday weekend we’re holding a 35% off sale on EVERYTHING in The Loop Loft!

This includes all loops (WAV, REX2 & AIFF), as well as our custom Reason ReFills and Ableton Live Packs. Just enter the following discount code during checkout to receive 35% off anything and everything in your shopping cart!

To take advantage of this sale use discount code save35 at checkout.

More information: The Loop Loft

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  • Mike

    Absolutely despicable – Memorial Day is a holiday to commemorate men and women who died while in military service to the United States.

    It is NOT a holiday to try and unload products that are not selling otherwise.

    Ronnie – your site is invaluable and always a must read. But, this is not news. In fact, it’s offensive to cheapen the lives of soldiers lost in such a shameless manner.

  • Hey Mike. I kind of feel that way about just about every holiday sale to be honest. Easter sale, Christmas sale, and the host of national holidays of various countries. Everything gets turned into commerce, I’m afraid it’s no difference in this business…

  • Mike

    Ronnie – you do have a point. It just gets tiring to see all these “sales” when the actual holidays has a rather different meaning.

    Sorry for venting – I think I just saw way too many of these “Save BIG! Memorial Day Only!” type sales this week/weekend.

    Love the site – will always stop in either way!

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