100 Akres has launched the Timmy Rickard The Collection – Bullied Bundle, a collection of breaks and one shot drum samples recorded on an Akai S-950 sampler.

Timmy Rickard The Collection is a bundle with a twist. We have taken the best of Timmy Rickard’s drum libraries and bullied them via BullyFinger through an Akai S-950.

As the breaks were originally recorded to tape through boutique preamps, the Akai S-950 (used on countless 90’s classics) adds an undeniable layer of lo-fi grit for any style of production with its 12 bit stereo sampling capabilities.

Timmy Rickard The Collection features

  • .WAV 24 bit/96k & 16 bit/44.1k file formats.
  • 70 breaks and loops ranging in tempo from 75 BPM – 128 BPM.
  • 10 Hi Hats.
  • 10 Kicks.
  • 10 Snares.
  • Performed and engineered by Timmy Rickard.
  • Bullied through an Akai S-950 courtesy of Bully Finger.

The Bullied Bundle pack is available for 24 EUR.

More information: 100 Akres / Timmy Rickard The Collection – Bullied Bundle