1208 Audio Plugins has released a free alpha version of the 1208 SCS Channel Strip, a channel strip effect plugin for Windows.

1208 SCS Channel

The plugin features a compressor section, a 4-band parametric equalizer with switchable high and low curves and a high pass filter, mixing and metering sections, and Plug Matrix that allows you to route the audio.

The equalizer in this channel strip is also available separately as 1208 SEQ. Its frequency ranges, gain levels and Q parameters are loosely based on a classic British EQ.

Also available is the 1208 GEQ, a classic 11-band graphic equalizer with adjustable Q, individual band bypass and a light dab of mojo.

1208 SCS Channel Strip is currently available as a free download for 64-bit Windows (VST/VST3). The 1208 SEQ and 1208 GEQ are available for both 32- and 64-bit Windows.

More information: 1208 Audio Plugins