Xenos Soundworks has launched a new soundset for the Chipsounds 8-bit software synthesizer by Plogue. 8-Bit Synths features over 130 original presets with the sounds of retro game consoles and sound chips.

While these patches have that authentic character of retro videogame consoles and soundchips, ‘8-Bit Synths’ also provides a quirky, lo-fi and digital edge to modern music genres like House, Trap, RnB, Synthwave/80s and more.

As a special bonus, all the FL Studio files used in the MP3 demo are included with the soundset, which you’re free to use any way you like.

The soundset is available as an intro price of $9.95 USD until June 26th.

More information: Xenos Soundworks / 8-Bit Synths