CamelPhat blue skin

CamelPhat grey skin

CamelPhat 3 is a great VST multi-effect. If you haven’t already, go check it out on the Camel Audio website.

Since I didn’t really like the default golden skin I created some with colors I like better. These zip files contain a folder with the images for the skin for CamelPhat.

 CamelPhat Blue Skin (Download size: 474.17 kB)

 CamelPhat Grey Skin (Download size: 410.20 kB)

Just copy the skin folder to the Skins folder in your CamelPhat installation (usually your VST plug-ins folder\CamelPhat\CamelPhatData\Skins) and rename the original default folder (i.e. default.old) and rename the new skin folder to default. Now next time you load the plug-in it should have a different color.

I take no responsibility if something goes wrong, so make sure you make a backup of your default skin.