Plugin Boutique has launched a new Exclusive Bundles+ promotion. The limited time 3-for-10 Bundle contains 3 products offered at a discount of over 85% off the regular price.

The 3-for-10 Bundle contains 3 excellent FX that are ready-made to level up your sound.

zplane’s deCoda LE is a one-of-a-kind standalone software designed with the sole purpose of helping you learn any song effortlessly. Mongoose is an amazing mid-side processor that sums all frequencies below a selectable crossover to mono, creating a mix that sounds natural in all environments. Lastly, Vocal Limiter from W.A. Production is made to be the last step in your vocal processing chain as well as being as simple to use as possible.

The bundle is available for $10 USD until June 30th, 2022.

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