5Pin Media has released the Moog Sub 37 Soundbank, a new title in the series that is dedicated to bringing musicians and producers the best in up to date sounds for popular modern hardware synths spanning various genres and styles.

5Pin Media Adam Pietruszko Moog Sub 37 Soundbank

The Moog Sub 37 Soundbank features 128 inspirational modern multi-genre presets for the Moog Sub 37 and Moog Subsequent 37 synthesizers by sound designer and audio engineer Adam Pietruszko.

Adam hails from Warsaw where he teaches synthesis and sound design at the Academy of Audio Engineering. At the the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology his teaching covers sound synthesis, acoustics, electroacoustics, digital audio theory and music production. He has been a member of The Association of Sound Engineers in Poland since 2009. His journey in electronic music began in 2003 when he started spinning vinyl in Warsaw clubs, later turning to synthesizers and production. He is the creator of numerous award winning sample libraries and synthesizer soundbanks focusing on the field of cinematic effects, picture scoring and electronic music. He combines analog and digital synthesizer techniques with percussion and field recordings, as well as physical modeling and experimental audio creation. His works also include tutorial videos on synthesizer programming and sound design.

The presets are provided both as a whole soundbank, as well as individual patches, all in .syx format. You will need a MIDI interface and a SysEx application to load the bank into your instrument OR the Moog Sub 37 Editor/Librarian application.

The majority of the presets have parameters assigned to the mod wheel and several with keyboard aftertouch, denoted by “AT” after the preset name – be sure to make the most of these modifiers.

The soundbank is available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP.

More information: 5Pin Media / Moog Sub 37 Soundbank