Loopmasters has introduced 5Pin Media’s latest sample pack Rominimal & Micro House 2, a collection of 274 loops, 174 one shots, and 50 MIDI files for your minimal music productions.

The influence of these two minimal genres on the underground scene is of remarkable significance, so it is with great pleasure that 5Pin Media presents Rominimal & Micro House 2.

Driven by funk-infused minimal basslines and agile beats, whether 4-to-the-floor or broken beats, refusing to be cliche, providing the perfect anchor to skittering, choppy synth lines and lush swirling chords. Volume 2 includes a stellar set of vintage lo-fi drum breaks and piano riffs in addition to the expected content. The vibe is infectious with spades of electronic funk and soul without being bombastic.

Influences include artists such as Priku, Toman, Arapu, Ruze, Hector Couto, Cristi Cons, Silat Beski, Rendher, Nu Zau, Verhat, Chris Stussy, DJOKO, and Prunk, to name a few.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: 5Pin Media