ADSR Sounds has launched a promotion on selected plugins in celebration of 808 Day, the day the music community come together to honor the iconic TR-808 drum machine from Roland.

The following plugins are up to 80% off for a limited time:

  • Saucey 808 ($10 USD): Saucy Audio’s 808 instrument incorporates banging 808 sounds with a slick filter section, crisp distortion as well as a global section that includes glide, pitch and attack/release functions to build your perfect 808.
  • SubBass Doctor 808 by United Plugins ($35 USD): Treating the lowest frequencies is not an easy task. And in some listening environments, it is almost impossible. If you mix while travelling or your mixing room or your system is not 110% perfect, you should see the doctor. Namely SubBass Doctor 808.
  • Nepheton by D16 Group ($29 USD): Fully synthesized, perfectly emulating the famous 808 drum machine. All the nuances and details of the instruments sounds are captured perfectly.
  • 808 Bass Module 4 by Electronik Sound Lab ($14.55 USD): Powerful 808 bass rompler for Windows & Mac, contains 318 ready-to-use and freshly designed layered presets, to bring grit and rumble to your productions.
  • 808 Machine by New Nation Software ($10 USD): The hardest hitting bass plugin of 2020 influenced by Top industry artist & producers. This plugin was designed for making influential trap beats but can be used to create any genre.
  • 808 Studio 2 by Initial Audio ($49 USD): 808 Studio 2 was designed for cutting edge quality 808 sub bass. Perfect for hip hop and trap or any genre that requires a hard hitting bass synth.
  • X-EIGHT 808 by Thenatan ($12 USD): When working on a track using X-EIGHT 808 – you can play out your bassline, then go back and click next to switch through the 808 Presets until you find the perfect 808 for the track you are working on.

The offer is valid until August 10th, 2021.

More information: ADSR Sounds