8Dio Productions has announced the launch of its 9th Year Anniversary Sale, offering daily deals and a free gift with a purchase every week.

It doesn’t FEEL quite right to celebrate … and yet … it doesn’t feel right to not recognize this milestone either?

When 8Dio went live in 2011 – we held our breath knowing we had taken the biggest risk of our lives. The world was in recession and we were also facing PERSONAL challenges.

We emptied the last of our bank accounts and recorded with what we had. A PC. A Zoom Recorder. An old guitar. There were no glamorous studios. But just the desire to create something new and BEAUTIFUL.

Today. We are sheltered in place in California. We are profoundly humbled by the many aspects of this journey and what this year is teaching us. We feel awake again. Forging our dreams into reality. And once again taking the biggest risk of our lives by fulfilling a life-long dream of Troels to create his own TECHNOLOGY from ground up. 8 years later. We call it SOUNDPAINT.

But most importantly we have done this because of YOU and your support. This month we take our hats off to all the music makers. All the dreamers. Everyone who desires to break the norm and better our world. We LOVE you and we see you. We hope you are well because we know times are tough.

Let’s keep making music and heal the world!

The promotion runs until September 8th, 2020.

More information: 8Dio Productions