8Dio Productions has announced the release of 66-Basses, its first title in the new Legion Series of instruments dedicated to solving specific needs in epic cinematic music.

8Dio 66-Basses

66-Basses features the sounds of 66 Philharmonic bass players from 9 European countries.

66-Basses is all about professional cinematic bass. We gathered a 66-piece symphonic double bass ensemble in our favorite modern recording hall, Zlin. The ensemble was created by uniting professional bass players from 9 different countries in Europe. A life-time opportunity and all the players gave it their absolute best in these sessions. It shows.

66-Basses contains all common articulations (Sustains Types, Short Notes, Arcs, Effects, Note-Bends etc) and a large set of new articulations (Dynamic Waves, Tuning Clusters, BPM-based Ostinatos, Bridge FX etc).

We also spend the better of a month on 50 uniquely crafted analog synth ensembles. The library features 10 different microphones, including a new Binural microphone that gives you a sonic VR experience of the sessions. 4 Hall-Based microphones (Mixed, Decca, Far and Wide) and 5 intimate close Spot microphones for more detailed sound.

66-Basses features

  • Professional Cinematic Basses.
  • 66-Person Symphonic Bass Ensemble.
  • 14,299 Samples. 28GB HDD (compressed to 14GB).
  • 66 Basses Sustain Types, Short Notes and Dynamic Arcs.
  • 66 Basses Effects, Bending and Drop Notes.
  • 50 Analog Cinematic Ensemble Synths.
  • 4 Specially Built SFX Pads + Chaos FX 3.4.
  • 1 Binural Microphone. 4 Hall Microphones (Mix, Decca, Wide, Far).
  • 5 Close Spot Microphones.
  • All patches come with DFD, TM and TMPRO options.
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later required.

66-Basses is available for the intro price of $198 USD until January 30th, 2018 (regular $248 USD).

More information: 8Dio Productions 66-Basses