8DIO has released its new Progressive Metal sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

8DIO Progressive Metal

Progressive Metal delivers a full fed collection of brutally hard rocking 7- and 8-string guitars in the style of Djent (ex. Meshuggah, Periphery, nods to Rammstein & Metallica). The collection includes 60 patches containing over 1500 deep-sampled phrases organized for song writing (ex. intro, verse, bridge, chorus, outtro).

The full product contains over 600 minutes of high-end session material boiled down to the meanest collection of phat and mean heavy guitars. The library was created with some of the best 8 strings (ex. Mayones Custom, EST/LTD, Ibanez RG series) fitted with world-class pickups (ex. Bare Knuckle, Aftermath, Lundgren), pre-amps (Fractal Audio), amps (ex. Mesa Rectifier, Diezel VH4). This is the most comprehensive selection of 8-string heavy guitars ever sampled.

Progressive Metal features

  • Progressive Metal (Djent style) Guitars.
  • +1500 Deep-Sampled Phrases.
  • Organized in Intros, Outros, Verses, Chorus etc.
  • Recorded with Mayones, EST and Ibanez 7/8-string guitars.
  • Bare Knuckle, Aftermath & Lundgren Pickups, MESA and Diezel Amps.
  • NI Kontakt 4.2+ required.

8DIO has also released Rhythmic Aura Vol. 1 “Acoustic” RMX, the original sample library for Kontakt remade for Spectrasonics Stylus RMX.

Rhythmic Aura Vol. 1 “Acoustic” is a highly intuitive, yet advanced scoring tool designed to create new compositions or augment your existing compositions.

Progressive Metal and Rhythmic Aura Vol. 1 RMX are available to purchase for the introductory price of $199 USD each, until 20 October, 2011 (regular $249 USD).

More information: 8DIO Productions