8Dio Productions has announced the release of Terminus, a pro-grade tool designed for epic blockbuster scores and trailers containing over 1,200 custom cinematic instruments and FX.

8Dio Terminus

The sound of Terminus is big, modern and studio clean with everything mastered to perfection.

Terminus is the result of over 18 months of deep production and contains four different types of core instrument groups, Percussive/Drums, Epic/Hybrid, Neo-Orchestral and Synth-Based. All four core groups each contain seven banks, Hits, Slams, Sub Hits, Short and Long Falls, and Short and Long Risers.

In addition Terminus contains an array of new instrument categories, including 4 banks of Ear Candy. Ear Candy is designed to enhance your existing compositions with big, beautiful, ethereal and angelic textural elements. We also created two additional banks of Strums. Strums are tonal and a-tonal transitional elements – creating a transparent, colorful movement of cinematic textures.

Terminus features

  • 4 Core Instrument Classes (Drums, Hybrids, Orchs, Synths).
  • 4 x 100’s of Cinematic Hits, Blockbuster Slams & Cres Slams.
  • 4 x 100’s of Subwoofer Hits, Short and Long Falls.
  • 4 x 100’s of Short and Long Risers.
  • 4 Epic Beautiful Instrument banks: Ear Candy.
  • 2 Transitional Banks of Tonal Strum Effects.
  • Built-In Chaos Effects & Embedded Meta-Data.
  • 4K Master Class w/ Troels (The Captain w/ MIDI + Stems).
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required.

Terminus is on sale for the intro price of $248 USD until March 1st, 2019 (regular $348 USD).

More information: 8Dio Productions