8Dio Productions has released Synthetic Shadows, a synthetic sample library dedicated to bring you analog and digital synths, to augment your existing compositions.

8Dio Synthetic Shadows

Synthetic Shadows comes with 13 different Hybrid FX categories, featuring multi-sampled analog and digital synths as well as four large synth drumkit banks.

It comes with a wealth of different options, bringing you Downers, Risers, Boomers, Pulses, Droppers, Strikers, Growls & a fully realized Synth Cinematic Orchestra. Access to hundreds of cinematic sound design effects from many different categories.

Synthetic Shadows was originally designed and recorded by 8Dio producer, Sergey Zubarev (The Last Haven) and later refined into one single library by the 8Dio team and Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann.

Synthetic Shadows features

  • 7,635 Samples. 10.2GB HDD (compressed to 4.2GB).
  • 13 Hybrid FX categories & 4 Synth Master Drumkits.
  • 100s of Multi-Sampled Analog Synths & Hybrid Instruments.
  • Hybrid Tools User-Interface.
  • Includes Downers, Risers, Boomers, Pulses, Droppers, Strikers & Growls.
  • 20 Scoring Presets.
  • Instant REVERSE, RANDOM, STACK and CHAOS features.

Synthetic Shadows for Kontakt is on sale for $88 USD until February 15th, 2018 (regular $148 USD).

Also released is The New Basstard, a multi-sampled instrument library focused on recording the gradual destruction of a full-scale orchestral bass.

The New Basstard deconstructed double bass offers four core categories of sounds: “Tonal”, “Percussive”, “FX” and “Grooves”.

The tonal category covers more traditional multi-sampled articulations like plucked, staccato, rubber mallet on strings, regular drumstick on strings, fork on strings and other tools that could be used for tonal sampling. The percussive category contains a variety of heavy round-robin based articulations playing the instrument like a drum kit (containing 6-10 round robin articulations). The FX category has a gruesome amount of FX made with anything from bowing bass with baseball bat, using a power drill on the strings and recording sustained notes from it – to actually power-drilling the bass and reconfigure the instrument – separating its neck from its body and essentially reassemble the instrument in horrible ways. The Groove category contains unique tempo-synched BPM-based grooves recorded at several core tempos (80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140).

The end result is a deep-sampled instrument that pushes the concept of orchestral bass into a more dark, gritty, percussive and disturbing territory.

The New Basstard features

  • Deep-Sampled Progressively Destroyed Double Bass.
  • Multi-sampled Tonal Patches.
  • Multi-sampled Percussive Patches (up to x 10 RR).
  • Multi-sampled FX patches – LOTS of them.
  • Tempo-Synced BPM Grooves.
  • Keyboard Controlled Live FX.
  • New Front-Faced FX & Chaos FX Engine.

The New Basstard is on sale for $78 USD until February 14th, 2018 (regular $128 USD).

More information: 8Dio Productions