9 Soundware Air

9 Soundware hasreleased Air, a new instrument in EXS24 format.

The concept behind the sound set was to use sounds generated by air to create a transparent-sounding percussive instrument. Functionally similar to a hi-hat, the instrument was designed to add rhythmic movement to arrangements, but in a subtler manner.

The samples are of quick blasts of air created with a gas duster, a flyswatter, and a clothesline. The wind sounds, which are delicate and difficult to control, were painstakingly recorded, edited, and programmed into an EXS24 instrument with a high level of sonic detail. While minimalist in approach, the sound set features a wide range of timbres, with many variations on simple bursts to complex sounds that capture the motion of the objects.

Air features

  • 84 sounds (sampled at 2-21 velocities for a total of 402 samples).
  • mapped across a 7 octave range.
  • 28 MB download includes 1 .EXS file and 402 WAV files (24-bit/44.1 kHz).

Air is available now for download for $29.99 USD.

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