9 Soundware Voice Code

9 Soundware has released Voice Code, a collection of presets for the EVOC 20 vocoder within Apple Logic Pro.

These settings explore its depth and versatility, both as an instrument and as effects processors.

The sound set contains presets for all three variants of the EVOC 20. Included are 30 settings for the EVOC 20 PS and 10 each for the EVOC 20 TO and EVOC 20 Filterbank plug-ins.

Examples include types which emphasize articulation (Iron Maiden.pst), remove intelligibility (Kenny.pst and Pitch Extraction.pst), are driven by heavy LFO modulation (Arrhythmia.pst, Voice Hijack.pst, and Organ Donor.pst), as well as those which produce aggressive colors (Black Lung.pst and Death Growl.pst).

Voice Code includes 50 .pst files and is available to purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware