A.O.M. has announced the release of an update to its audio effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

AOM Invisible Limiter G2

Version 1.9.5 includes the following improvements:

  • New parameter snapshot feature (supersedes A/B comparison feature).
  • Support for hierarchy in factory presets.
  • Support for undoing parameter reset.
  • Support for wheel increment/decrement in drop-down list.
  • Added support for evaluation license.
  • (Windows) New plugin zoom feature.
  • (Invisible Limiter / Invisible Limiter G2) Show internal sampling rate in quality parameter.
  • (Invisible Limiter G2) Slightly decreased CPU load.
  • (tranQuilizr) New unit to bandwidth value.

The update also comes with various bug fixes and changes, which you can find in the News section of A.O.M.’s website.

More information: A.O.M.