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A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.7.3


A.O.M. has released version 1.7.3 of its Invisible Limiter, Stereo Imager D, Wave Shredder, tranQulizr, and Cyclic Panner effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

AOM plugins

Changes in v1.7.3

  • New features and enhancements:
    • [All Plugins] Supports “Compare” button in hosts.
    • [All Plugins] Supports control automation in Ableton Live.
    • [All Plugins] Supports dynamic plug-in latency change.
    • [All Plugins] Removes GUI update rate throttling. Plugin GUI update rate now depends on host’s callback rate.
    • [All Plugins] Implements lightweight denormal number handling. This change prevents CPU spike caused by denormal numbers as same as previous implementation, but consumes fewer CPU cycles. SSE3 is now required.
    • [OS X Plugins] Introduces *.pkg installer.
    • [Invisible Limiter AAX] Enables “LATENCY” parameter.
    • [Invisible Limiter, tranQuilizr, Wave Shredder] Supports surround configuration up to 8in/8out. (EXPERIMENTAL).
    • [tranQuilizr] Improves performance slightly.
    • [Cyclic Panner] Supports 1in/2out configuration.
  • Bug fixes:
    • [All Plugins] Fixes wrong plugin name display in foobar2000 VST extension.
    • [All Plugins] Fixes authorization failure bug caused by some broken license file.
    • [AAX] Fixes keyboard input blackhole bug.
    • [Invisible Limiter VST] Fix a bug of dynamic plug-in latency change, originally reported in Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio.
    • [tranQuilizr] Fixes GUI bug in equalization curve display on reopening plugin window.
    • [tranQuilizr] Fixes potential crash bug in Cubase.

More information: A.O.M.

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