Independent sound community marketplace A Sound Effect turns 8 this week and celebrates with its biggest-ever community sale, offering discounts on premium sound effects libraries, plugins and virtual instruments for the next few days.

Sale highlights include:

  • Discounts of up to 81% on 1,500+ of the most popular sound effects libraries, plugins and instruments.
  • All orders come with a brand new bonus pack, featuring 30 premium sound effects from independent sound creator Celine Woodburn + the free 60+ page Sound Success Guide e-book.
  • Orders with 3 products or more also include the SoundBits Bonus pack, featuring 40 premium sound effects, for free.
  • A new AI-powered search engine makes it quick to search through the more than 5,000+ products on the site.
  • From time to time during the sale, customers can instantly download free sounds from the sale page.
  • Depending on the order amount, customers can also get additional premium perks free with their order, including popular libraries and plugins such as Cinematic Hits Designed, Everyday Life, FIGHT, Enforcer, liftFX, Upright, EMF and many more.

The promotion ends December 5th, 2022.

More information: A Sound Effect