Ableton Loop has confirmed a free event taking place May 21st, 2022. Loop Session: In the Studio with Grand River is the first in a new series of online experiences for music makers. Each event in the series will focus on one artist’s practice and ideas.

In the first session, attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at Grand River’s studio practice and learn about her method of composing by playing. The artist will select some instruments from her own studio, then join Ableton’s Dennis DeSantis in Bewake Studios, Berlin to create a piece of music and take part in an audience Q&A. After the 90-minute studio session, attendees can join the Loop Cafe – a group video chat where music makers can discuss their learnings from the session and their own studio practice.

The session starts at 6pm, Berlin/Germany (UTC+2). Attendees can use the event site’s timezone selector to find out when it happens in their local time.

More information: Ableton