AC Sabre Screenshot

Air Craft has announced the release of AC Sabre, a digital performance tool for iOS.

AC Sabre is a next generation musical instrument and motion controller which utilises the motions sensors in mobile devices to give new life to your synths, samplers, and sounds of your existing music production library. The AC Sabre brings the sophistication and performance energy normally associated with traditional instruments to electronic music. For musicians this means a new level of expressiveness not possible with the current tools of studio and stage.

The AC Sabre is the first of a new kind of instrument that enables musicians to bring enhanced spontaneity, movement and freeform expression to all forms of digital music. It reintroduces the
artistic subtlety and energy that performers can bring to a performance using traditional instruments. The Sabre can bring this level of artistry to musicians performing and composing with modern electronic electronic production tools.

“While sound technology has been evolving steadily over the last 30+ years, the tools we use to engage with them – keyboards, knobs, faders, etc – haven’t changed fundamentally since the early 80s. It’s time for a new generation of instruments to expand the possibilities for composing and performing and realise the full potential of our modern music production libraries”
– Hari Karam Singh, Founder, Air Craft

AC Sabre combines unique algorithms with the highly accurate and responsive motion sensors found on mobile devices to add depth and sensitivity to music composition. It’s mobility and wireless connectivity enables entirely new possibilities with live performances free from the confinement to laptops and mixing desks. AC Sabre has a carefully crafted a user interface delivers immediate proficiency to users with a rich palette of musical techniques. Musicians can be up and running with the AC Sabre without the typical long learning curve associated with traditional instruments, whilst still giving serious users the ability to develop their own highly customised performance and control techniques.

The Sabre combines accessibility and affordability in a professional performance tool that enables any artist to add depth and emotion to their live work.

AC Sabre for iOS is available for purchase for 12.99 EUR/USD.

More information: Air Craft