accSone has announced the release of an update to its granular synthesis software. Version 10 of crusher-X introduces an unique grain generation mode called Glitcher-X.

Switching crusher-X to the Glitcher mode will let your grains surf on an audio wave event! This leads to glitching beats, surround slips, crazy audio jumps, short-term loops and hipster sound scratches. Glitcher Mode anchors grains to auto-selected incoming life audio events and modulates the grain around these anchor points during the grains life-time.

A controllable spectral selector will help you to mask the audio input and auto-trigger the respawn of a grains to the next audio transient in the incoming pipe. Expect nothing but less than the next level of granular life experience! This upgrade comes also with a new set of raw ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sounds are added as a source for granular sound design to make your audience shudder and cringe.

The new live spectral controlled transient sensitive trigger system with a twin filtered interactive frequency selector allows to create way more sophisticated grain buffer fills, glitch selections, respawn and quantization event triggers. The output of this interactive formant filter can be used as an additional input signal for the Granulizer. This opens the door for sophisticated granular filtered sweeps and advanced and color rich drones.

In addition to VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats, Crusher-X 10 now comes in AAX for Windows and macOS (incl. native Silicon / M1 support). Other changes include a soft bypass function, bug fixes, tweaks, UI and engine improvements such as 110 and 140% UI scaling, and more. Check the changelog for more details.

Crusher-X 10 is priced 289 EUR incl. VAT. Users of previous Crusher-X versions can upgrade/crossgrade for 89 EUR.

More information: accSone