Accusonus has announced the release of its new Voice Changer audio plugin, a virtual sound designer that allows you to create unique dialogue for your content.

Quick and easy to use, Voice Changer can transform any voice with its powerful voice processing technology, featuring profiles for Character, Environment and Effect.

Transform regular voices into any character you can imagine. Advance your dialogue into new scenarios, with creative environments and voice effects. A quick, simple, but powerful voice modifier. Surgically sculpting a voice track no longer requires years of med(ia) school.

Design your own voice effect presets, or explore Voice Changer’s comprehensive preset catalog to find quick solutions for common sound design problems.

Voice Changer lets you make your track sound like a ’90s video tape, an airport announcement, a crowd megaphone, a kitchen radio, a living room TV and beyond. Emulate a dialogue from the next door apartment, a phone call, or explore fantasy and robot preset sounds.

Voice Changer for Windows and Mac comes in VST, AU and AAX formats. It is available for $9.99 USD/month (monthly plan) or $4.99 USD/month (annual plan). The plugin is also part of Accusonus Suites at savings of up to 50%.