AcmeBarGig releases DIG 2.0

AcmeBarGig DIG 2.0

AcmeBarGig has released DIG 2.0, a full featured VST guitar amp simulator (4 plug-ins) based on 2 12ax7 tubes.

No Hooks, No Junk, just enjoy and make some great music.

DIG 2.0 features

  • Cabinet Shaper, filter + 3 equalizer strips.
  • Effects, Noise gate and mono/stereo delay.
  • Preamp Only, 2 tubes, post distortion filters and input and tone stack crossover.
  • Suite, combining the three previous plug-ins + Whisper, a separate amp designed specifically for clean guitar sound.
  • Presets with the ability to download and upload presets from
  • Manual (.pdf) included.

DIG 2.0 is available as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

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Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

This looks pretty interesting… however, I really hate when .exe files are used with freeware when all that’s presumably needed is the DLL file?


1) there’s a freeware app called “universal extractor” which will extract embedded files from an EXE, (unless it’s compressed of course). but it worked for the DIG setup.exe. google it, download it, works great. 2) using an installer has NOTHING to do with license agreements. people who use installers do so to impose themselves into your system. they want to embed their company name in your registry, create links on your start menu, and even create a hierarchy of install folders in your “program files” directory structure so that their company name is littered all over your hard drive… and… Read more »

Ken McLaren
Ken McLaren


Are you trying to say in a round about way that we AcmeBarGig are trying top hijack systems?

Gimme a break…

Little afraid of good natured freeware from a company?

With suggestions like that it makes me wonder what company you are working for?

Did you find any malware in our software? because if you didn’t then the only decent thing to do is edit your post. This is good natured freeware thats all!

Ken McLaren
Ken McLaren

Ronnie, I included the installer so that people who did not know how to install software to their shared VST plugin folder can do so with the install. Also to have the license agreement displayed. So you’re wrong ROOT..