AcmeBarGig DIG 2.0

AcmeBarGig has released DIG 2.0, a full featured VST guitar amp simulator (4 plug-ins) based on 2 12ax7 tubes.

No Hooks, No Junk, just enjoy and make some great music.

DIG 2.0 features

  • Cabinet Shaper, filter + 3 equalizer strips.
  • Effects, Noise gate and mono/stereo delay.
  • Preamp Only, 2 tubes, post distortion filters and input and tone stack crossover.
  • Suite, combining the three previous plug-ins + Whisper, a separate amp designed specifically for clean guitar sound.
  • Presets with the ability to download and upload presets from
  • Manual (.pdf) included.

DIG 2.0 is available as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.