Acon Digital has released version 1.6 of DeVerberate, a reverb reduction plugin for Windows and Mac.

DeVerberate is a plug-in that separates the direct sound from the reverberation thus allowing users to attenuate or boost the reverberation already present in audio recordings. The algorithms have been improved to better preserve the direct sound and reduce unwanted effects on the volume envelope. Also new is the automatic estimation of the reverberation time based on the incoming audio.

“We believe that the new automatic estimation of the reverberation time will make it much quicker and easier for our users to attenuate unwanted reverberation effectively without audible artifacts”, says Stian Aagedal, CEO and chief developer at Acon Digital before he continues: “The de-reverberation algorithm requires knowledge about the reverberation time in the original recording and we received feedback from our user base that dialing in the right value could be tricky. In these cases, the automatic estimation should make the plug-in much easier to use”.

Changes in DeVerberate v1.6

  • Improved algorithm preserves the direct sound better and reduces unwanted effects on the envelope curve.
  • New Automatic Estimation button estimates the reverberation time automatically based on the incoming audio.
  • The graphical user interface is now resizable.
  • Fixed code signing issues under OS X.
  • OS X installer now lets users choose which plug-ins to install (AAX, AU or VST).

DeVerberate for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $99.90 USD.

More information: Acon Digital