Acustica Audio has announced an update to the Gainstation series of plugin in collaboration with Mike Dean.

Gainstation 2 aims to be the 21st Century plugin for anything distortion and creative sound mangling.

Gainstation is based on a series of hardware units that were carefully selected and modded by Mike himself to achieve his unique signature sound. Gainstation is a completely new tool with no equivalent on the market, enabling you to add power, dimension and juice to your tracks way faster and better than any other plugin chain in your arsenal.

Changes in Gainstation 2

  • A beefed-up ‘Pultec-style’ style EQ section with two new frequencies from a Classic mid-range tube EQ: 700 Hz (for the BASS ++ band), 1.5kHz (for the AIR++ band).
  • New variable and versatile Texture circuits that can breathe life into the dullest of recordings, giving a global boost to the harmonic content and linear material.
  • New Texture circuit buttons which include: Circuit emulation (O=Orange) for more saturation in the bass and low mids. Circuit emulation (B=Black) that accentuates saturation in the high mids and the highs. And finally a third mode (OB=Orange + Black) that serializes both circuits by merging the features of both of O & B into one.
  • Upgrade to Core 17.
  • Various plugin optimizations and graphic improvements.

Gainstation 2 Boost has been updated with oversampling buttons that allow you to change the oversampling rate (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x) in order to improve the quality of the processing.

The Gainstation 2 series of plugins are available for purchase at an introductory 25% discount until November 23rd, 2021. You can get an additional 15% discount when you buy Gainstation 2, Gainstation 2 Boost and Gainstation 2 VSM in a single order.

More information: Acustica Audio