Acustica Audio has announced the release of Navy, a classic channel strip based on legendary British preamps and console, with EQ and filters, all sampled using Acustica’s revolutionary Nebula technology and presented in a beautiful Aqua interface.

What sets Navy apart is of course the sound which sets a new level of quality for emulations of these classic units. But that is not all Navy also provides a more comprehensive selection of mix tools featuring variations of the class A input preamps (P73 and P81), several British console output amplifier stages, and a 4 band EQ with additional high and low pass filters. This makes Navy a powerful mix tool which can replace standard console, EQ and filter plugins and bestow the Nebula quality sound to your audio in one instance, all at a new level of efficiency with Core 7.

Navy is the first plugin to natively exploit the new Core7 engine, a revolutionary multithreading technology by Acustica. It is based on a fractal approach to partitioned convolution, and this allows for optimised performance and maximises the use of your system resources. The plugin comes in a standard version which allows high instance counts almost a 20% increase from the previous highly optimised Core6, and a new zero latency version possible with the efficiency of Core7.

Navy has input AND output amplifiers three options for each plus a bypass. This gives a broad palette of options to choose to add colour and saturation to your audio. The input options are made out of the P73 and P81 units including a combined program. The outputs are made from sampling various output points of the console, each of the three options has from one to three transformers in the audio path providing differing musical harmonics. The level hitting these amplifier stages and thus the amount of colour introduced can be controlled by the plugin input ‘trim’ control which drives the unit but autoadjusts the input and output levels.

Navy features a 4 band EQ with Low, Lowmid, Highmid and High EQ bands and a selection of musical frequency points as per the original hardware. The Low and High band can be a shelf or peak, and a broad or sharper Q for mid peak bands.

Last but not least the filters of course sampled in Nebula quality, which elegantly control your audio signal. A high and low pass with five frequencies each can be switched in alongside the 4 EQ bands to complete a versatile and effective tone shaper.

Navy for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase at a 10% launch discount for 99 EUR. You can also win a copy at the Acustica Navy Contest.

More information: Acustica Audio