Acustica Audio has introduced a the first ‘Artist’ plugin in the Fire Series of single-knob effects.

Designed to be a powerful plugin for the contemporary mixing engineer and producer, Sounda encapsulates the 20 years’ experience of multi platinum winning engineer Salvatore Addeo and the 30 years’ experience of one of Italy’s greatest producers Don Joe in a few simple controls.

With Sounda you can achieve a professional and modern sound on the most important elements of the mix, i.e. drums, vocals, bass, and more. Usually to mix a track one tends to make use of many plug-ins and spend a lot of time experimenting, which often hinders inspiration and workflow. With Sounda everything is much faster, more musical and sound professional, because the work of sound research and choosing the right machines has been done upstream thanks to the experience of the professionals involved in this project, who have put their ‘know-how’ into a single, simple and effective plugin for mixing.

Sounda is the right choice for the sought-after sound of modern Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap and Electronic productions. If you need a punchy kick drum and snare, a more detailed bass, an ‘Airy’ vocal or you want to add body to your instruments with just a few clicks, without a doubt, Sounda is the way.

Sounda is available to purchase for 69.90 EUR from the Acustica Audio store.