Acustica Audio Nebula2 Free

Acustica Audio has updated Nebula2 Free to version 1.2.800b.

Updated in v1.2.800b

  • Improved stability
  • bug fix: multiprocessor issue on Sonar is solved completely
  • bug fix: perfomance indicator works also for Centrinos or for power-management configurations (The performance% IS how much of a SINGLE cpu is used. So for a common dual core system or xeon 15% means 15% of a single processor -> 7% of the total power)

Acustica also released a new Library Pack (11) containing a Small Plate. This is a preset made with Acustica’s new deconvolver based on the new 64 bit wav support (sampled using a 32 bit card but calculated using a full 64 bit path).

Visit Acustica Audio for more information and download the latest version of Nebula2 Free (free registration required).