Adam Monroe Music has released Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass, a bass guitar instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Windows VST.

Adam Monroe's Electric Bass

Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass was sampled from a Yamaha BB424x electric bass guitar.

The bass was modified so that individual pickups were wired to independent jacks, thus allowing for independent sampling of bridge and neck pickups. Volume and tone pots were bypassed, so resistors were wired in their place to minimize the “ice pick” sound of an electric bass without pots.

The pickups were then run into individual Radial 48 active direct boxes and Grace 101 preamps which provided additional gain.

Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass features

  • 10 Velocity layers, 4 note round-robin.
  • Minor and Major 3rd slides (up/down).
  • Range from E1 to C4.
  • 390 MB memory footprint.
  • 8 GB of data.

Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass is available for purchase for $15 USD. Includes 32/64-bit Windows VST and Kontakt library (requires full version of Kontakt).

More information: Adam Monroe Music / Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass