Adam Monroe Music has released an updated of the Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ, a virtual instrument that is designed to simulate the sound of the Hammond B3 organ.

Adam Monroe Rotary Organ 2

Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ was sampled from a Hammond M3 tonewheel Organ. The end goal was to simulate the sound of a Hammondnd B3 organ with rotating Leslie Speaker inside of a VST/AU/AAX plugin. Every drawbar on every note was sampled individually via the organ’s built-in speaker through a Neumann TLM 102 microphone.

Changes in Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ v2.0

  • Amplifiers based on Vacuum Tube simulations.
  • Speaker/EQ Curves.
  • A Soft/Bright Switch and an “Angle” Knob to control brightness.
  • Many new Presets, bringing the total to 95.
  • Controls for Bottom and Upper Rotor Pan+Volume.
  • A Knob to control Percussion Cut+Boost.
  • Volume and Panning controls for the Leslie and DI signals.
  • A Reverb Size Knob.
  • Delay, Chorus, Noise, and Mellow Knobs.
  • Assignable Volume Swell and Leslie MIDI Controls.
  • “Whoosh” (Simulated Leslie air).
  • More accurate Bottom and Upper Rotor Speeds.

Available in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats, the Rotary Organ costs $25 USD.

More information: Adam Monroe Music

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