Pfundstein Audio Plugins has announced the release of a new audio plugin that is designed for a very specific task. HEY!shouts provides a simple and easy way to add shouts to bring some additional energy to your song, without the hassle of recording a crowd yourself.

If you’re into rock and metal, this is maybe just a fancy, small addition to your plugin collection: HEY!shouts.

This mini-plugin has just one job: delivering you quality “Hey” shouts out of the box. And it does it’s job good. Simply pimp up your songs by using the shouts at the right position of your song.

The plugin features a set of 106 realistic sounding “Hey” shouts.

Available in VST3 formats for Windows and Mac, HEY!shouts is on sale for 1.99 EUR for a limited time (regular 2.99 EUR).

More information: Pfundstein Audio