ADSR has announced the release of version 1.1.0 of its Sample Manager, a free plugin that makes organizing, finding and auditioning samples refreshingly simple.

Ever gotten half way through a track and wished you’d tried a different sound? Do you feel like half your production time is lost to sorting through sample folders and files? Do you even really know what sounds you actually have in your current sample library?

Forget empty promises made at midnight that one day you’re going to clean up your hard drive. Download ADSR Sample Manager – it’s free and it works.

Changes in ADSR Sample Manager v1.1.0

  • New Libraries panel: Search within a library or library sub-folder.
  • Multiselect samples in the list: Add / Remove Tag, Add / Remove Favourite, BPM Editing.
  • AND / OR tag search option.
  • Forward / Reverse / Ping-Pong playback mode.
  • Favourites: Tag auto-complete from search bar.
  • Favourites: Clear All from toolbar icon context menu.
  • Stop preview shortcut.
  • Samples with many tags now show the excess in a pop up menu.
  • Show One-shot sample playback speed when DAW sync enabled.
  • Improved start up time.
  • Waveform display improved.
  • Free text search speed improved.
  • Playback mode is now global / per instance.
  • Improved table header sorting behaviour.
  • Improved multi-instance library interaction.
  • Run automatic update checks in background.
  • Analysis keeps running once started, even when closing UI.
  • Reduced memory usage of multiple instances.
  • Improved display of long folder names in Libraries panel.
  • Fixed issue when seeking playhead in a sample confused which sample should be selected next on arrow down.
  • Fix Autocomplete for tags when pressing delete key.
  • Fixed issue trying to cancel tagging job for new custom tags.
  • Fixed issue with on-demand analysis of samples.

The Sample Manager is a free download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: ADSR Sounds