ADSR Sounds has released version 1.0.6 of ADSR Sample Manager, a free sample manager for your DAW.

The update comes with improved search, end marker & looping, selectable time stretch modes, improved loop/one-shot detection and lots more.

ADSR Sample Manager makes your entire sample library searchable and audible directly in your DAW with smart and custom tags.

Preview any sample in your library in the context of your track using MIDI or drag audio directly to your project.

Changes in ADSR Sample Manager v1.0.6

  • Search for files with no tags.
  • End marker & looping.
  • Drag audio trimmed to markers or whole file.
  • Selectable time stretch modes.
  • Improved loop/one-shot detection.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Halve/Double/Reset a BPM by right clicking in the sample list.
  • Clear search button.
  • Sample list order-able by Name and BPM.
  • Ctrl-left click on macOS for menus in addition to right click.
  • Improved missing library handling.
  • Fixed crash when multiple libraries are missing.
  • Visual improvements to mini-confirmation, missing sample file and BPM editing.
  • Sample release time not affected by stretching.
  • Library name editing consistent with rest of plugin.
  • Sample selection not lost when refreshing libraries.
  • Scan .aiff files in addition to .aif files.

The ADSR Sample Manager is a free download in VST and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac.

More information: ADSR Sounds