Loopmasters has introduced a new sample pack from the Vital Vocals label. Comprising a collection of 3 song kits, Afro Queen Acapellas features a royalty free collection of vocal stems for music creators who want to explore the enchanting rhythms and melodies of Africa.

With an abundance of powerful, emotive, and soulful vocals, each stem is infused with an authentic energy that captures the very essence of African music. The vibrant and dynamic quality of the vocals will take your listeners on a journey to the heart of Africa. The pack offers a range of tempos from 98-105 BPM, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your track.

One of the standout features of this pack is the inclusion of solo and joint vocal lead stems, which allows you to add more excitement and liveliness to your track or strip it down for a more focused sound. With the Afro Queen Acapellas, you can add a unique and engaging element to your music that will keep your listeners captivated.

The sample pack is priced £17.95 GBP at the Loopmasters store.

More information: Vital Vocals