AfroDJMac Dubstep Lawnmower Man

AfroDJMac returns with Dubstep Lawnmower Man, another free download in his series of weekly Ableton Live Racks.

This week, I am harnessing the power of the lawnmower’s song and coupling it with a deep sub bass sound to create the “Dubstep Lawnmower Man” synth.

After sampling my lawnmower, I have applied filters and effects associate with the Dubstep genre to create those massive filter wobbles that have become so popular. Next, a deep sub bass synth was create using Ableton’s Analog synth to really get those speakers shaking.

Each sound can be mixed together or played separately, which means even if you are not into the sound of my aging Craftsman mower, you still have a chest thumping bass sound to play around with.

The “Dubstep Lawnmower Man” is available as a free download from the AfroDJMac site.

More information: AfroDJMac