ADSR Sounds has launched a limited time sale on Transfuser 2 by AIR Music Tech, offering a deep discount on the virtual instrument for slicing, dicing, shuffling, triggering, rephrasing, and resequencing audio loops and phrases.

Transfuser 2 can help you create exciting new beats, loops, and phrases that you can use in new songs or even as part of a live performance.

“Transfuser 2” is a dynamic audio/MIDI environment for manipulating, slicing, and remixing your loops and sounds into something entirely new. With a series of real-time controls, Transfuser 2 lets you create and tweak grooves, chop up beats and phrases, time-stretch sounds, re-pitch notes, randomize sequences, and more – all on the fly!

Transfuser 2 also acts as an inspiring compositional tool that intelligently generates chords, melodies, variations, and grooves based on a musical analysis of your track. Plus, Transfuser 2 comes with a premium drum and instrument library that includes 3,200+ loops and 1200+ drum machine samples for instant music experimentation!

Transfuser 2 (VST, AU and AAX) is on sale at ADSR Sounds for only $10 USD until December 9th, 2022.

More information: AIR Music Technology