Airwindows has announced the release of TubeSag and Golem, two Audio Unit plug-ins for Mac.

Airwindows TubeSag

TubeSag works like a current-starved tube rectifier, making dynamics ‘pop’ by stepping on everything after the attack of the sound.

Improves energy, punch and dimensionality- try it on electric bass! There are two speed controls that interact with each other, letting you either reinforce one speed or combine the elements of two reaction speeds.

Airwindows Golem

Golem is a utility plugin for use with heavy guitar miking, when you have two mics on a stereo track but need to sum them to mono, balance them, and adjust relative phase.

Includes a phase switch for tuning phase through cancellation. The name comes from the Sneap metal recording forum, where they call this type of miking “Clayman” miking after a notable album using it. It’s also called “Fredman” miking after a studio where they’re constantly using this miking- and also called ‘two mics on a guitar cab’ by people who think it is silly to give it a bunch of evocative names.

TubeSag is priced at $59.99 USD, Golem is $29.99 USD.

More information: Airwindows / TubeSag / Golem