ADSR Sounds is offering a 50% discount on the Albanju sampled banjo instrument by New Nation Software.

With many producers realizing the individuality you can have by using instruments not typically found in the Western Music World, it’s safe to say that the East & Middle East have had their fair share of influence as of recent. Just look at some of the most popular music & artists out in recent years like Lil Baby, DaBaby, Jack Harlow & more. Many of their productions use instruments that are not usually found in the Western Hemisphere.

But still, where can you find AUTHENTIC & ORIGINAL Eastern Sounds & Instruments these days without breaking your bank? RIGHT HERE! Introducing the Albanju – Middle Eastern Guitar VST for the Modern Music Producer!

Albanju – Middle Eastern Banjo is available for Windows in VST/VST3 plugin formats. It is on sale for $15 USD for a limited time (regular $30 USD).

More information: ADSR Sounds