Noise Makers has announced the release of Ambi Bundle HD, a new set of plugins that support High Order Ambisonics (HOA) up to order 3, providing a major improvement in terms of localization accuracy and immersion.

The release includes Ambi Pan HD, Ambi Limiter HD and Ambi Head HD. The combination of these tools offers a complete workflow to create immersive music and audio for games, 360 videos and VR.

Ambi Pan HD is a 3D panner that allows you to position sounds in the ambisonic scene. Ambi Pan HD accepts multiple input formats (mono/stereo/5.1/7.1/8.0) and outputs 4 (1st order), 9 (2nd order) or 16 (3rd order) ambisonic audio channels. A transparent window allows panning on top of a 360 video in equirectangular mode.

Ambi Limiter HD offers precise control of the peak level of the ambisonic master bus. This is crucial when exporting ambiX to 360 video platforms, each one having a specific clipping threshold (e.g., Samsung VR, Youtube, Facebook and others). Ambi Limiter HD is an ideal tool to avoid clipping and achieve level maximization on each platform.

Noise Makers Ambi Head HD

Ambi Head HD converts ambisonics to binaural, for 3D monitoring over headphones. Ambi Head HD includes two new High Order Ambisonic (HOA) HRTF sets, one specifically designed by Sennheiser/AMBEO to reproduce the legendary Neumann KU 100, the other designed by Google for Youtube and VR applications. Both filter sets support HOA inputs up to order 3.

The new plugins aim to help you to render great sounding ambisonic mixes for immersive music and VR.

The bundle is available at the intro price of 299 EUR until December 31st, 2017. The regular price is 479 EUR (229 EUR for indies and edu).

More information: Noise Makers