43% Giant has released three sample packs at the Noiiz subscription based service that offers unlimited access to a huge, expanding library of sounds by world class creators like Samplephonics and Richard Devine.

43 Giant Ambient Hip Hop

The Ambient Hip Hop pack features nearly 400 loops and one shot samples inspired by the experimental approach to both Ambient and HipHop composition, lead by artists as far apart as Brian Eno and Death Grips.

The Hip Hop influence is pulled and warped into off grid, heavily torn up beats, percussion and hectic bass lines.

All wrapped up in dense layers of endless drones and textures, rich and emotional melodies, processed upright piano and heavily modulated guitars.

This pack is all about experimentation and process, and the art that emerges as a result. Download today and break apart some genres!

Twisted Beats offers a weighty sonic collage of natural found sound, warped and heavy bass lines and thick HipHop beats.

43 Giant Twisted Beats

A huge amount of field recordings have been re-imagined, alongside experimenting with modular synths and exploring the powerful ‘Max for Live’ to create this colourful, one of a kind collection.

Painstakingly arranged and balanced to echo the beatmaking styles of artist like Flying Lotus and Shigeto, Twisted Beats also pushes forward the style into areas of sound art and ambient, solidified by Tim Hecker and OneTrixPointNever. These loops want you to break the norm and start your own journey!

Inside you’ll find 500MB of content, with each idea as unique as the next: Living Textures, frantic Processed Percussion, ambient Soundscapes and Drones and folders packed full of Arps, Chords, Melodies, Bass and of course, Beats.

Lastly, the Intergalactic Journey pack is inspired by films like ‘Interstellar’ and games like ‘No Man’s Sky’.

43 Giant Intergalactic Journey

Featuring a collection of classic and experimental synths, such as the Juno 106, MS20, Roland Sm1000, miniMoog and Minitaur, alongside soaring ambient soundscapes, post rock guitars, gritty synthesis and all grounded with a combo of heavy hitting live and digital drums.

Inside you’ll find a delicate balance of ‘Cosmic Pads’, ‘Alien Bass’, ‘Plant Sized Beats’, the huge ‘Sea Of Synths’ collection, ’Human Guitar’ and ‘Living Perc/FX’. As experimental as it it is emotional and familiar, look forward to finding that sound you didn’t realise you we looking for within these sounds.

This pack is all about discovery, and IJ has plenty to enhance your earthly tracks. Whether it’s a gentle pad for a film score, a hard drum beat for a house track or a left-of-centre synth hook for a future track, you’ll start and end your journey here.

Noiiz is available as a subscription service, starting at $16.58 USD/month.

More information: Noiiz