Ample Sound has announced availability of Electric Guitar III, an update to its range of virtual guitar instruments for Windows and Mac.

The update brings several name changes:

  • Guitar G -> Ample Guitar LP
  • Ample Guitar F -> Ample Guitar SC
  • Ample Guitar P -> Ample Guitar Peregrine Falcon
  • Ample Guitar Hollow -> Ample Guitar Semi-Hollow

The instruments have received new samples with additional sustains, natural harmonic samples, tap and more.

A new Guitar AMP simulator comes with 5 classic AMP models: Metal Treble (modeled on Mesa Boogie Triple), Lead 800 (modeled on Marshall JCM800), Jazz 120 (modeled on Roland JC120), 65 Twang (modeled on Fender 65 Twin Reverb) and 57 Delight (modeled on Fender 57 Deluxe). It includes 7 matching cabinets, each with 8 mic options.

The Riffer has been updates with various improvements and new features, including fixed velocity, length legato and restrict, select, move, draw, erase, split, glue etc. It now also comes with an Auto Chord Detection. The Strummer also gets this new feature, which automatically detects chord type from the fingering defined by user on the virtual fretboard, which was extended to 24 frets.

A new FX DSP system includes an 8-band EQ, Compressor, 6-Tap Echo and IR Reverb. Other improvements were made to settings, the main panel and the user interface. A new sample editor comes with search, multiple selection and batch processing support.

V3 of the guitar instruments now supports VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for 64-bit Windows and Mac. The update is free of charge and V3 can coexist with V2 plugins.

Ample Sound has also announced a Winter Sale promotion with up to 64% off on its virtual guitar instruments and bundles until January 1st, 2020.

More information: Ample Sound