Ample Sound has announced the release of Ample Guitar II, an update to its AGT, AGM and AGL virtual acoustic guitar instruments for Windows and Mac.

Ample Sound has released Ample Guitar II, a completely recreated program with loads of new features>

Changes in Ample Guitar II

  • New sample engine with significant performance improvement:
    • Multiple instances can be loaded much faster and takes only a small amount of additional memory.
    • Improved voice management significantly enhances performance.
  • New Strummer with drag & drop support:
    • Users can search, browse and audition chords and patterns now with drag & drop support.
    • Slash chord support is implemented for Detect Mode.
    • Chord slots have been increased to 24 for Select Mode.
    • Arpeggio can now be played on all six strings for every chord now.
    • Improved humanization options are present in 2.0.
    • New strummed patterns.
  • VST3 format is now supported for Mac & Windows.
  • Added Slide Guitar articulation/group samples for all guitars.
  • Improved and optimized GPX format support in the built-in tab player.
  • Completely new standalone app which can load all Ample Sound plugins with virtual keyboard support.
  • Other updates:
    • Added capo option which enables transposing without the need of modifying MIDI. Added Auto Mod to enable automatic vibrato.
    • Added Mod Range to adjust vibrato intensity.
    • Added Poly Bender to enable multiple notes bend.
    • Added the new Solo Mode, in addition to Keyboard Mode and Standard Mode.

The update supports sample library extensions, which are to be released in the future. All updates are free of charge for owners of corresponding Ample Guitar software. Users can get their updates through the MyAmpleSound page.

More information: Ample Sound