Applied Acoustics Systems has launched a new title in the Sound Pack series.

Analog Orchestra for the free AAS Player plugin and Ultra Analog VA-3 analog synthesizer features 128 presets by Cipryan Bot, a Romanian music producer who collaborated with labels such as Armada Music, Magic Island, and Solaris Recordings for original tracks and remixes.

For his first sound pack with AAS, Cipryan Bot took up the formidable challenge of recreating the instruments of the classical orchestra with our analog synthesizer. The result is Analog Orchestra, a fascinating collection of expressive and surprisingly natural-sounding timbres spanning the different families of instruments, including strings, woodwinds, brasses, percussions, pianos and more.

You will have a great deal of fun playing with Analog Orchestra, a real sound design feat, showcasing Ultra Analog in a totally new light. Ultra Analog users will appreciate the rich shaping possibilities offered by the Macro controls and be hooked, as we did, on deconstructing the presets to find out the design tricks behind these incredible sounds.

The sound pack is on sale for $19 USD during the Holiday Sale at Applied Acoustics Systems until January 24th, 2022 (regular $39 USD). It is also available at a 50% discount from distributor Plugin Boutique.