Analogue Drums has recently released Royale, a vintage jazz kit played with mallets.

Analogue Drums Royale

Based around a mint ’70s Rogers kit with select vintage Paiste and Zildjian cymbals, Rogers Dynasonic, Ludwig and Gretsch snares. Royale delivers a toneful foundation for jazz and other genres, and is versatile enough to handle everything from delicate parts to raucous beats. The mix of the kit can be taken from crisp and intimate through to roomy and spacious with a few fader adjustments.

Three snares, two separate pairs of toms (high tension and open, medium tension and controlled), two kick drums with open and dampened options, two pairs of hihats, and two rides give you plenty of options to fit the kit into your track.

Royale for Kontakt, Trigger, and Wav is available for $29 USD.

The Royale kit is also part of the new Jazz Series One Bundle, which also includes Smoker (Sticks) and Pizazz (Brushes).

All kits features the same vintage Rogers kit, vintage Paiste 602, and Zildjian Constantinople K cymbals, Dynasonic, Ludwig and Gretsch snares.

Each kit is played with jazz dynamic approach but works for genres beyond just jazz.

The bundle is available for $59 USD.

More information: Analogue Drums