Angular Momentum AM KickLab XXL

Angular Momentum has announced AM KickLab XXL, a virtual kickdrum designer for Windows PC.

AM KickLab XXL features

  • Virtual section
    • Sub Oscillator Sine and Triangle.
    • Pitch Adjust.
    • Pitch shaper.
    • AD Envelope Generator.
    • Puncher.
    • Click Generator.
    • Distortion.
    • SV Filter with LP/HP/BP/Notch/Peak filtermodes and Velocity Tracking.
  • Sampler Section
    • Double Precision Stereo Sampler.
    • Trim section.
    • Loop/Forward/Reverse/Key Follow.
    • 4 Octave Pitch Adjust.
    • Stereo/Mono Switch.
    • ADS Envelope Generator.
    • Easy scrolling thru samples with previous/next buttons.
  • Mixer Section
    • 3 band EQ.
    • Saturator.
    • Phase invert (Virtual and Sampler Sections).
    • Mutes (Virtual and Sampler sections).
    • Level Metering (Left/Right/Virtual/Sampler Output).
    • Channel Delay (Virtual and Sampler Section).
    • Preview Function.
    • Multi Channel Output Stereo Main/Virtual+Sampler/All.
    • Main Volume Control.
  • Presets by DJ / producer Darren Glen. (Pitch Dark)

Availability and price are TBA.

Visit Angular Momentum for more information.