Antress VC-ME

Antress has released Modern VC-ME, a heavy tube-coloring compressor VST effect for Windows PC.

VC-ME features

  • Power On/Off Button.
  • Threshold control (0 to -40 dB).
  • Ratio control (2:1 – 10:1).
  • Attack control (fixed 0.05 – 50 ms).
  • Release control (fixed 35 – 2000ms).
  • Side-Chain control.
  • Gain control (0 to +30 dB).

VC-ME is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC as part of the Modern Plugins, which have been updated to v3.75 (several improvements and bug fixes).

Visit Antress for more information and a link to download the plug-ins.