Anwida Soft has announced the release of its new audio plugin Stereoid, a stereo upmixer, imager and enhancer that is designed to turn your monophonic audio into a thick and fat, dimensional stereo track.

A subtle, timbrically controllable, decorrelation algorithm coupled with a precise custom microtonal detuner and a tube saturator offers you a wide effect palette to enhance vocals, lead lines or complete mixes. Thanks to its fully mono-compatible stereo widening algorithm, Stereoid is the tool for mono upmixing and stereo mastering.

Stereoid belongs to the SMARTLINE family. A series of plugins conceived according to our motto “your sound without any unnecessary complications”. Tons of features packed in compact and ultra-usable plugins.

Stereoid features

  • Stereo upmixer, imager and enhancer.
  • Wider and thicker mono and stereo tracks.
  • Based on psychoacoustic principles.
  • Fully mono-compatible.
  • Stereo image control (decorrelation, micro shifting and delay).
  • Tube saturator.
  • 64 bit internal precision.
  • Highly optimized DSP code.
  • Ultra clean and noiseless processing.
  • Factory presets.
  • Parameter values can be entered manually.
  • Fully automatable (depending on host application).
  • Stereo output (mono->stereo, stereo->stereo).

The plugin is available for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU), on sale for the intro price of $29 USD until May 31st, 2022 (regular $69 USD).

More information: Anwida Soft